Oliver's Battery Primary School

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"Outstanding for Early Years and Good overall" - Ofsted, March 2016

Oliver’s Battery Primary School Governing Body Annual Statement 2017

This year the school has certainly developed and grown; new children have been joining our school and we welcome them all. But we have grown in other ways as well, the good and outstanding teaching, leadership, pastoral and cultural experience has embedded in the school which means that we can be sure the children are getting an excellent educational experience.

The governing body have three core functions, which I will talk about in turn:

Ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction

Our ethos remains to be an inclusive school where children develop to be creative, caring and confident learners in the school of choice for people in the catchment area. We are currently developing a 3 year plan to set out how we would like the school to continue to develop and grow for the best outcomes for the children.

Hold the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils and the performance management of staff

Educational performance this year has surpassed targets and I want to congratulate all the children on their achievements. They have made exceptional achievements in sport, enterprise, theatre, dance, music as well as the core subjects. The teachers, support and office staff have obviously been key in facilitating this achievement.

Oversee the financial performance of the school and make sure its money is well spent

The School’s financial year starts in April and has been subject to continuing high levels of monitoring and management to ensure best use of the budget allocation. As you may be aware, school budget share allocations for the financial year are made based on pupil numbers on roll at the October census from the previous year. As a result of our positive Ofsted report in 2016, our pupil numbers have grown considerably and continue to do so. Whilst this is extremely positive for the School, the numbers have increased so rapidly that it will take some time for our budget share allocation to catch up!

We have been working innovatively to ensure that this will not have a detrimental impact on the children and their education as the budget is being regularly monitored and reviewed. Staff salaries continue to be our biggest area of expenditure to ensure the very best for our children and this will not be compromised.

In light of our exciting building refurbishment this coming year, which will totally transform the School, there is the potential for a reduction in building costs and maintenance over the coming years which will assist the school’s financial position going forward. The building will be far more energy efficient and will require significantly less major works for many years.

Overall, the budget forecast position is strong and reflects the increasing pupil numbers for future years. However, any additional funding is always welcome and should you wish to consider making a donation to the school then this would be gratefully received.

Strategic Monitoring

This year all of the governors have been into the school within teaching time to observe aspects of the school day. The experiences have been so outstanding that we cancelled our last visit because it was felt that the aspects we were observing had already been shown to be excellent.

At every single visit the governors have felt very welcome and really pleased with the engagement of the children and the staff. One of our very experienced governors was moved by the Easter choir performance and still talks fondly of it.

Thank You

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Miss Wood and all the staff in the school for continuing to give the children an outstanding educational experience. And wish the Year 6 children luck at their chosen secondary school, I know they will remember Oliver’s Battery with fondness and pride.

And in the next year, of course, we have the refurbishment of our well-loved and tired looking school. It may be a little disruptive, but our project manager from Hampshire County Council has experience of major works in schools where children remain on site. Also Miss Wood and the Resources Committee will be keeping a close eye on progress to ensure smooth running.

Have a great summer!

Nicki Duffield on behalf of the governing body.