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"Outstanding for Early Years and Good overall" - Ofsted, March 2016

Pupil Voice

Our School Councillors are elected by their class. It is a rigorous process, they have to speak to their class and put forward why they would be a good candidate.

The role of School Councillor is to further improve the school. They put forward the views of their class and meet with teachers and leaders of the school.

Our School Council

School Council

Minutes of the meetings are taken and a record is kept on the School Council board.

School Council Noticeboard

You can see information about some of our recent activities below.

Raising Money for a Webcam for a Bird Box

Thank you for supporting the School Council with their fair. They are raising money to buy a webcam for a bird box and they managed to raise £144.35. They came up with the ideas for the stalls and they set them up and managed all the activities; with a little help from some friends, including Olli E’s brother who kindly let them borrow his pop up goal. I was very impressed with their maturity and business acumen, well done School Council.

FKS Stall

FKS Raffle:

FKS Raffle

Visiting Winnall Primary School

Our School Council were invited to Winnall Primary School on 27th January 2016 to have a look at their building and school environment as we are going to have some building work done at our school. It was great to meet them and we look forward to Winnall School Council visiting us to find out about how we run our lunch times.

Winnall Primary School visit

These are the questions we asked and the responses they made:

What do you like about your school building?
  • The school is protected.
  • Nice details
  • New kitchen
  • Not all in front of door – more space
  • Light coloured windows with light coloured bricks
If you could build it again what would you do differently?
  • More communication with teachers re design and what is happening during the build
  • Children have more of a say
How long did it take?
  • Began Spring 2013 finished Christmas 2013
  • Snagging took a lot of time
What was it like having builders in the school?
  • It was a bit distracting however we just tried to get on with our learning
What is the best thing about having a new building?
  • It is new and makes us feel special
Who chose the design?
  • Architects from HCC design it specialists look at what we have got and then draw it
Who chose the colour?
  • The architect and the Headteacher
Has the new building helped your learning?
  • Yes we do not get distracted by others as the area is sound proofed
  • Saved resources so we can spend money on other things
  • Classrooms more organised
  • Space to think
  • Windows smart with good carpets and doors
  • Good environment means that we want to be here more and learn more
  • Teachers want to come and teach at our school because it is a good environment
Does it make you feel safe?
  • Yes we have winders in the windows and the doors are stronger

Winnall Primary School visit Winnall Primary School visit Winnall Primary School visit