Oliver's Battery Primary School

Creative, Caring, Confident Learners for Life

"Outstanding for Early Years and Good overall" - Ofsted, March 2016

Staff List

Headteacher Fey Wood
Deputy Headteacher Carly Redfern
Teachers Catherine Bordoli
  Chloe Bromage
  Nicky Clayton
  Jenny Davies
  Charlotte Homewood
  Liz Marshall
  Naomi Morgan
  Simon Sleeman
  Sarah Steels
  Kate Stockham
  Josh Tolan
Inclusion Leader Vicky Cocks
Learning Support Assistants Charlie Allen
  Anna Burt D'Arcy
  Caroline Byrne - LSA and ELSA
  Roz Cole
  Stephanie Griffiths
  Slavka Hall
  Marjory Jermy
  Claire Jupe - LSA and Playleader
  Mandy Lincoln — LSA and Senior Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant
  Julie Normington - ELSA
  Lisa Shaw
  Maggie Shelton - Attendance Officer
  Tracy Thomas
Site Manager Peter Tibble
Admin Team Lyn Best - Admin Manager
  Alex Jensen - Admin Assistant
  Stacey King - Admin Assistant
Kitchen and Lunchtime Staff Sarah McDowall - Supervisory Assistant